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BYOND is a transformative professional growth program driven by inner vision. We help scaling tech companies unlock value and maximize the potential of their C-suite and management teams.

Our program is designed to build and optimize team performance and address critical challenges such as team dynamics, conflict resolution, difficult conversations and tension.

By tackling these obstacles head-on, we enable teams to concentrate on their most important work.

BYOND is a professional growth accelerator

How you are affects everything you do.

 We train you to think differently so that you can accelerate towards meaningful success. Let’s grow!


A Growth Mindset

Our Promise to you

We enhance your growth mindset through a combination of individual coaching, facilitated group workshops & disruptive thinking that challenges your limiting behaviours and catapults you and your business forward.

Why go BYOND?

Problems facing dynamic leaders

Team alignment, motivation & engagement. How do leaders find, keep and empower the right people?

Need well-functioning teams, delegation & team building, time management and alignment of purpose and fulfilment. 

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3 Pillars of BYOND

CONNECT – we use transformative methods to help you connect with yourself, your inner vision and values. Then we connect with others.

COLLABORATE – this essential skill improves productivity, saves time, increase alignment and engagement.

CREATE – once we’re connected and collaborate, we use creativity to innovate, inspire, improve dynamics and formulate ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS.

State of BEING

BYOND is deliberately different and driven by STATE OF BEING

When our inner vision is aligned to our STATE OF BEING our growth and the path ahead become surprisingly clear. Where we want to go aligns with who we are. We can see the path to get there.

And crucially, we know WHY we’re going where we’re going.

How do we work?

BYOND equips entrepreneurs with a transformational growth mindset that propels them forward, further… faster.

BYOND uses connection, collaboration and creativity to disrupt your thinking and engineer new insights.

We achieve this together through individual discovery and facilitated group workshops.

Our methods are surprisingly simple, but challenge your limiting behaviours and catapult you and your business forward.

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Who is BYOND for?

  • You have a high growth business model, a compelling vision and goals that border on impossible
  • You see personal growth as fundamentally linked to business growth
  • You believe collaboration requires clear values, honest intentions and accountable actions
  • You want to start growing with integrity to skyrocket towards personal transformation and professional success
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Expect real results

Results-based and neuroscience-backed, the BYOND method simulates disruptive thinking, generates actionable insights and aligns goals with inner vision to propel you ever forward. The BYOND method combines the most disruptive thinking and practices from Stanford Design School, The High Performance Institute, Handel Group, O&O Academy and pioneering advances in neuroscience.


Increased productivity by enrolling a personal growth programme like BYOND, compared to 22% for traditional training.


of businesses report a positive ROI on coaching. 1:1 coaching is key to the BYOND programme.

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BYOND gives me the tools to grow my company – and my people.

Sofi Franzen

CEO, Eventyr

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BYOND has helped us improve focus, strategy and communication within the management team. The combination of one-on-one coaching and dynamic team activities mean that we cooperate better and find it easier to resolve any issues that arise faster. 

Ludwig Pettersson

CEO, SaveLend Group AB

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As a CEO of one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies, for the company to grow I need to grow. BYOND accelerates my growth.

Stefan Granqvist

CEO & Partner, Interim Search

Some of our clients


Who we are

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Gary Fabbri