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  • The results-focused personal and professional growth program driven by inner vision
  • Unique neuroscience-based methodology
  • Accelerates entrepreneurs and leaders towards success that matters. Let’s grow!

Growth Accelerator
Program For Founders

Grow personally. Grow your business.

Individual Coaching To
Thrive With Integrity.

Align your inner vision, goals and habits.


Workshops & Talks To
Grow Your People.

Powerful. Curated. Highly interactive.

The personal and professional growth programme driven by inner vision

The programme

BYOND is a growth acceleration programme. Through a framework of 12 BYOND Mindsets, you’ll scrutinize every aspect of your life. You’re backed by digital tools, an incredible network and weekly one-on-one and group experiences that keep you in the game.

BYOND is powerful. Intense. And absolutely necessary.
BYOND Pressure
Tools to stay true
to yourself in the toughest situations
BYOND Pressure
Tools to stay true
to yourself in the toughest situations
BYOND Pressure
Tools to stay true
to yourself in the toughest situations

“Having structured Mindsets to explore really appeals to me. I’m not exaggerating when I say BYOND Pressure was a game-changer. I’m using those tools and techniques almost every day. The impact is immense.”


BYOND member


Start authoring your own life


Take accountability for your growth


Advance with actionable insight in personal and professional challenges


Gain conscious leadership tools to grow your teams creatively


Break free from ingrained behaviours


Grow together with a supportive network


Retain integrity through your actions and habits

The BYOND effect


“BYOND gives me the tools to grow my company – and my people” 

Sofi Franzen

CEO Eventyr

”I find inspiration and energy from BYOND members, and one-on-one sessions give me direction, insight and tools to start healthy habits”

Tommy Berglind

CTO, Tessin


“I have found balance, confidence and a clear vision, which is helping me pursue my business ideas” 

Hanna Sahlman

Senior Software Developer


“BYOND is helping me to align my goals, connect with new people, and make decisions with integrity, furthering my businesses, purpose, and spirit”

George Bronten

Founder of Upstream and Membrain

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