Expect Real Results

Expect Real Results

Results-based and neuroscience-backed, the BYOND method stimulates disruptive thinking, generates actionable insight and aligns goals with inner vision to propel us ever forward. The BYOND method combines the most disruptive thinking and practices from Stanford Design School, The High Performance Institute, O&O Academy and pioneering advances in neuroscience.

This is Neo. He’s the Founder of BYOND. A meditating, business-building Brit with a passion for real growth in real life.

Inspired by tech and consciousness in equal measures, Neo founded BYOND to fuse the realms of creative thinking and inner wisdom.

Meet the team

Members make BYOND everything it is. Yet peep behind the curtain and you’ll find these magic-makers, whose collective superpowers keep us all growing together.


Vladimir Borisov



Jörgen Bladh


Jeremias Andersson

Board Member

Isabell Johansson


Pontus Ågeryd

Business Development

Tommy Berglind

Advisory CTO