Grow As a Team.

Grow Your Business.

Grow As a Team. Grow Your Business.

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Intense 60 Hour Personal 

Growth Acceleration Programmes

Intense 60 Hour personal Growth Acceleration Programmes

Designed for executives and business leaders, GO BYOND elicits connected, collaborative and creative states of leadership and entrepreneurship. The programme is delivered in 3 levels, each lasting 6 months. 




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Let’s connect to discuss your team’s needs, budget and desired outcomes. 

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Brands already growing with BYOND

Coaching to grow as a team and grow your business

BYOND offers different coaching modalities for your team and business. Accelerated your growth through intense workshops and inspiring talks. Go BYOND with our deeply engaging and disruptive 60 hour coaching programme for professionals and teams. Your life will likely never be the same again as you move towards a reality of more energy and growth.

Team coaching for real personal and professional growth

We provide actionable coaching for your and your team. Immerse yourself in the BYOND experience that has already helped many businesses achieve their goals and reach life changing insights from self-reflection. Take your team and your company to the next level of personal and professional maturity and growth. Get the tools you need to start generating real change.