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Individual Coaching

To Grow With Integrity. 

Individual Coaching To Grow With Integrity. ​

Is Individual coaching right for you? 
Book a suitability checking session to find out.

Is Individual coaching right for you? Book a suitability checking session to find out.

BYOND Individual Coaching Is For You If You Are...

  • An entrepreneur, owner and / or founder who is interested in developing yourself, your teams, and your organization
  • An entrepreneur who wishes to grow beyond your limits and who is prepared to look into blindspots and face what you’re avoiding
  • An entrepreneur who is prepared to put insights into practice by walking the talk and doing work in between sessions

Personal Growth Is Like a Business
Balance Sheet

Personal Growth Is Like a Business Balance Sheet

Increase equity
with integrity, collaboration &

Increase assets by building on
strengths and
celebrating successes​

Decrease liabilities
by resolving conflicts
& dealing with any unfinished business

Get The Ultimate Growth 

Hacking Tools

Get The Ultimate Growth
Hacking Tools

When inner vision, goals and habits align, your acceleration skyrockets. Deeply impactful one-on-one sessions with your BYOND Coach propel you towards meaningful success, tracking your progress every leap on the way. 

Curious About The Program? Let's Connect.

Included in the coaching

  • 1 or 2 private goal focused coaching sessions each month
  • Held in person or via video call

Price: From 2200 SEK (ex VAT) per session, on a rolling but non-binding basis

Is Individual Coaching right for you? Find out in a suitability checking session.

The BYOND effect

“BYOND gives me the tools to grow my company – and my people”
Sofi Franzen
CEO Eventyr
“BYOND is helping me to align my goals, connect with new people, and make decisions with integrity, furthering my businesses, purpose, and spirit”
George Bronten
Founder of Upstream and Membrain

Individual coaching for professionals who wish to grow with integrity

Our individual coaching creates the disruption needed for you to move from a place of being stuck to start growing with integrity. BYOND help you work with your insights in a new way to align your goals with productive habits. Book your first session today to begin skyrocketing your personal development.

Go BYOND with impactful coaching for professionals 

One-on-one sessions with your BYOND coach create the impact you need in your personal life to reach professional goals and success. Success and achievement that is truly meaningful and aligned with your core being. Together we follow up and track your progress to ensure that you are heading in the right direction. BYOND individual coaching is designed for professionals who wish to step up their game.