Workshops & Talks

That Grow Your People.

Workshops & Talks

That Grow Your People.

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Meet Neo – BYOND Founder, Coach & Speaker

Growing Your Business Begins With
Growing Your People

Growing Your Business Begins With Growing Your People





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“Neo is also a captivating speaker who brilliantly weaves together business & arts into powerful personal & professional growth messages. Through poetry and introspection, listeners are invited to reflect deeply on life’s big questions.” 

Niclas Carlsson

Founder & CEO, Founders Alliance

“When Neo speaks, people not only listen, they experience, engage and evolve. I especially like his holistic approach to blending business, tech, self leadership and rock star philosophy. An enlightening entertainer who will urge you to dig deep, engineer powerful insights and tap into your inner vision for life.”   

Ola Alvarsson

Founder of Epicenter & SIME

Curious? Let’s Connect.

Let’s connect to discuss your needs, budget and desired outcomes. 

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Brands already growing with BYOND

Workshops and Talks For Personal And Professional Growth

Book a highly powerful and interactive workshop for your team. A BYOND workshop is an experience that provide you with the tool your team needs to move up and move forward. Our speaker engagements are bound to revitalize your team with energetic inspiration. BYOND offers intense talks that are designed to positively disrupt and evolve your team.

Coaching workshops and talks that grow your people

Our workshops are rooted in impactful coaching methods that are both results-based and research backed. They rebuilt the minds of your team and catapults you out of ingrained behaviors and linear thinking. BYOND talks are nothing less than a powerhouse of intense fireside chats and personal as well as professional metamorphosis. Mix this with humanity and tech, and you have a transformative experience that will help boost your team and your business.